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My adventure with clay started at the beginning of the last year of my studies - 2004. I found then a tiny pottery atelier "TWORCZE EGO" based in Lodz, Poland, whose owner: Agata Bacela, familiarized me with the secrets of ceramic handicraft.

The longer I participated in the workshops, the more I was into the more I was amazed by the possibilities the clay can give in creation. Though my works began to become more and more recognizable as Agata affirmed. And the dream, the thought of having my own exhibition was coming to my mind more often to be realized two years later.
I had that great opportunity to meet many a person who was eager to help me in organizing the event.

The vernissage took place in autumn 2006 in one of my favorite pub-art gallery "PIANO CAFE" - Lodz, Poland, thanks to the kindness of its owners Roland and Daniel Jankowski. At the opening, the guests could enjoy jam session performed by some genuine and extraordinary musicians from Lodz. In the background, there was also a slideshow running on the ceramic creation.

This exhibition gave me some new possibilities to develop my passion. I was contacted by some art galleries (amongst the others: Dessa Gallery, Lodz, Poland) as well as I was offered a part-time job in my mother atelier "TWORCZE EGO" (a teacher of pottery classes), by the side of my everyday work, which I accepted.

It made me think of dealing with ceramics in a more professional way one day, as well.
It revealed my real wish in front of myself.

I want to reflect in my art impermanence, passing the life, and the lost connection with nature. The next important thing in my art is lost communication with another human being. With my art, I want to rebuild the lost connection with another human being, with nature and finally with human himself.

Although I hold a master degree from stomatology from Medical
Academy in Lodz, Poland 2004.
I am divided between medical science and art.

In my daily life, I am a doctor/orthodontist. I was born in Poland but I live in France.


- October 2004 : participant in pottery workshops,
"Tworcze Ego", Lodz, Poland - facebook Tworcze Ego

- 16 september 2006 : vernissage "Research",
Piano Cafe, Lodz, Poland

- October 2006 - October 2010 : a pottery class teacher,
"Tworcze Ego - Creative Ego", Lodz, Poland

- June - August 2009 : painting & drawing course,
Stara Pracownia _ Old Workshop, Lodz, Poland

- August 2015 pottery workshops, Corciano, Italy, deepening Raku method.