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My creation in clay started at the beginning of the last year of my medical studies - 2004. I found then a tiny pottery atelier "TWORCZE EGO - CREATIVE EGO" based in Lodz, Poland, whose owner: Agata Bacela, familiarized me with the secrets of ceramic handicraft.

The longer I participated in the workshops, the more I was into the more I was amazed by the possibilities the clay can give in creation. Though my works began to become more and more recognizable as Agata affirmed. And the dream, the thought of having my own exhibition was coming to my mind more often to be realized two years later. I had that great opportunity to meet many a person who was eager to help me in organizing the event.

The vernissage took place in autumn 2006 in one of my favorite pub-art gallery "PIANO CAFE" - Lodz, Poland, thanks to the kindness of its owners Roland and Daniel Jankowski. At the opening, the guests could enjoy jam session performed by some genuine and extraordinary musicians from Lodz. In the background, there was also a slideshow running on the ceramic creation.

This exhibition gave me some new possibilities to develop my passion. I was contacted by some art galleries (amongst the others: Dessa Gallery, Lodz, Poland) as well as I was offered a part-time job in my mother atelier "TWORCZE EGO" (a teacher of pottery classes), by the side of my everyday work, which I accepted.

It made me think of dealing with ceramics in a more professional way one day, as well. It revealed my real wish in front of myself.

In my art, I refer to the philosophy of dialogue and to the existential communication represented by Emmanuel Levinas, Priest Józef Tischner, Karol Wojtyła and Karl Jaspers. The mentioned above authors critically evaluate the current situation concerning the lack of dialogue with another human being and they encourage to take responsibility for this dialogue, and for the words, as well. In this philosophy, the dialog is the authentic way of "being" of the man. It goes beyond the economically dependent sphere focused on practicality and utility, and it makes us open on the ethical dimension because this dialogue becomes possible only within the atmosphere of trust, respect, sincerity as well as some other essential values towards another human being considered as a person.

The philosophy of dialogue restores man to himself pulling him out of usurping, praxeological sphere. It restores the ethical awareness because the dialogue is spread in-between values such as love, friendship, responsibility and fondness for the truth.

The representatives of this philosophy describe the dialogue as not only a tool of transcendental cognition of "another" human being but also they discover its deeper meaning as well as they establish it as the basis of modern humanism and as foundations of caring for another person's being and our own one because "We" means the "Other One" for another person.
The human being is a hermeneutic entity, as Dasein considered, in which nature looks in itself.

In my work, I do also refer to M. Heidegger's philosophy and to the broken relationship with nature. This philosopher emphasizes the technological impact on forgetting the mystery of "Being", a miracle of life, the miracle of nature. The man treats the place where he lives in as his own property (Erich Fromm), he consumes life, he treats the world like Disneyland, he visits it looking for sensational experiences, while entertainment becomes the most important of all imperatives replacing the category of the mystery of life.

I want to reflect impermanence, the hermeneutical elusiveness of truth lost contact with nature. Through my work, I would like to restore the lost understanding with the "Other" human being and with nature, as well.

In my creations, I am a promoter of the idea of responsible art for the recipient, for his thoughts and his experiences. I consider the art to be a kind of dialogue between the viewer and the creator. I am very far away from the art poor in "communication" which one and the exclusive aim is either to shock or to give some easy and pleasant aesthetic perception. Nevertheless, I am aware of fact that provocation is an important part of the art. It guarantees freedom of expression and the possibility of criticism of certain "artistic" phenomena.

Let me give you an example : when visiting some Parisian art galleries, here I am a witness of video art piece depicting a human being scrubbing his heels... undoubtedly the creator was here to as a question about the boundaries of art and I admit the author of this video installation was right to ask such a question, because this critical with aesthetic theories dialogue is still a phenomenon remaining in the field of art, but art abundant only with provocation forgets about running an artistic dialogue that has been spread since antiquity in between such values as beauty, truth, and goodness. Whereas referring to the mentioned above example, artist relating critically to the sterile art theories, becomes a hostage of this art in which a provocation takes a considerable amount of its place. I am rather an advocate of the art that evokes thoughts and feelings concerning the classic properties of beauty such as harmony, moderation, goodness. It is certain I have the awareness that art should provoke but also that pop art and previous philosophies of art influenced on art quality, which, at the price of easiness of its reception, sensationally pleasant, has become cheap, easily available and sterile in the content getting less and less responsible for man and for nature.

Although I hold a master degree from stomatology from Medical Academy in Lodz, Poland 2004, i am divided between medical science and art.

In my daily life, apart from I am occupied by my art, I am also a doctor/orthodontist. I was born in Poland but I live in France.

- October 2004 : participant in pottery workshops,
"Tworcze Ego", Lodz, Poland - facebook Tworcze Ego

- 2004/2005: One-year drawing and painting course - Culture Center of Lodz, Poland

- 16 september 2006 : Exhibition: "Studies in clay",
Piano Cafe, Lodz, Poland

- October 2006 - October 2010: a pottery class teacher, Atelier "Tworcze Ego - Creative Ego", Lodz, Poland

- June - August 2009 : painting & drawing course,
Stara Pracownia - Old Workshop, Lodz, Poland

- August 2015 pottery workshops, Corciano, Italy, deepening Raku method.

- August 2018 Clay Workshop / Symposium, Bystrzyca Klodzka, Poland.

- 16 and 17 February 2019 - Workshops - "Creation and porcelain" - Paris, France